Luc Tellier

Known primarily for his discovery of young new talents and for helping them progress towards their goals, producer and mixer Luc Tellier has also worked with well-established artists such as Simple PlanMarie-MaiDavid UsherAndréanne A. MaletteLes B.B.. His unique talent for mixing has been called on by bands across the world. To this day, he has mixed singles and albums for bands from Canada, the United States, France, England, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Romania, Italy, India, Istanbul, Australia, Turkey, Hong-Kong, Spain, Slovenia and many other countries. His list of clients includes major labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI Music.

Meanwhile, he was playing drums and performing back vocals in a rock band called DelsonDrive. The band became well known in Quebec and started touring across Canada and playing in events such as the Vans Warped Tour and Taste of ChaosDelsonDrive had the opportunity to open for international artist such as 30 Seconds to MarsThe UsedSoasin and Hedley. One thing leading to another, after an enriching journey of six years, the band members finally parted ways and Luc decided to focus on his own career as a producer and mixer.

In 2010, Luc was invited by his mentor, David Bendeth (ParamoreBring Me The HorizonBreaking BenjaminPapa RoachAll Time Low) to his House of Loud studio located in New Jersey. Luc was given the opportunity to spend some time with David and to learn quite a few tricks. To this day, a lot of Luc’s work has been heard on major radio stations as well as Much MusicMTV and VH1. In 2011, Simple Plan’s lead guitarist Jeff Stinco gave a great opportunity to Luc by asking him to make a pop remix of their hit song “Jet Lag”. In 2012, Luc was asked by Marie-Mai to mix a new version of her single “Je Cours” to be released in France on Warner Music France.


Studio Services



Mixing is the process which brings out the best elements in a song. My philosophy as a mixer is to bring to life your recorded material and create the exact sound you have in mind. The importance of a good mix is crucial. A bad mix can turn a great song into an unlistenable cacophony, leaving certain key elements buried.

On the other hand, a good mix is what makes people listen to your song over and over again while discovering new details with every new listen. It also enhances the emotional impact of your recorded performance as well as consolidates your creative vision.


The mastering process allows you to perform final adjustments on your stereo mixdowns. Some adjustments are made to improve a particular song’s sonic quality. A good mastering will bring a new perspective to your song or album. When you are in the midst of recording your project, you will concentrate on one song at a time. The result is that your mixes will contain subtle differences: the peak levels will be different; the EQs for each song are different, the width, etc.

As a mastering engineer, I will look at the album as a whole, and try to bring unity. My goal is to achieve a consistent sound and to make it sound consistent on every listening system. I will also match the overall levels so that your mastered songs are as consistent and as “hot” as any major label releases.



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