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Luc Tellier

Mixing and mastering engineer Luc Tellier is a seasoned professional who has collaborated with renowned artists such as Simple Plan, Marie-Mai, David Usher, Andréanne A. Malette, Francis Degrandpré, Noir Silence, and Les B.B., to name a few. With over 20 years of experience, he is recognized for his exceptional talent in the music industry.

Luc Tellier is known for his ability to bring deep emotional impact, clarity, and multidimensional effects to each of his projects. His expertise spans across all music genres, from rock to pop, country, folk, hip-hop, classical, and cinematic, among others. His unique approach has been sought after by bands worldwide, making him a vital figure in the mixing and mastering industry.

Over the years, Luc Tellier has worked with artists from Canada, the United States, France, England, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Romania, Italy, India, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Spain, Norway, Slovenia, and many other countries. His diverse clientele includes renowned record labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, and EMI Music.

In 2010, Luc was invited by David Bendeth (known for his work with Elvis, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, All Time Low) to his studio House of Loud in New Jersey, where he had the opportunity to spend time with him and gain valuable insights. In 2011, Simple Plan's guitarist, Jeff Stinco, invited Luc to work on a pop remix of their song "Jet Lag." In 2012, Luc and Marie-Mai collaborated on writing and remixing a new version of her single "Je cours," released in France by Warner Music France.

That year also marked the beginning of a partnership with the company Dazmo, specializing in creating musical compositions and writing music for synchronization in television, film, and advertising. Since then, Luc has mixed and mastered music for films and series such as VVS Films, Aladdin, Occupation double, Passe Partout, Au secours de Béatrice, 5e rang, Nouvelle adresse, Sortez-moi de moi, Portrait robot, Les parents, 3 célibataires, Banc public, among others.

In 2017, he produced, mixed, and mastered Andréanne A. Malette's album, including the song "Fou" which dominated the radio charts (#1 top 100 BDS – #1 top 25 adult pop – #1 top 25 pop rock – #1 correspondent) for several months. After this project and over 10 years in the production industry, he decided to move to Gaspésie and focus solely on his favorite aspects of his work: mixing and mastering.

Following this, a new partnership was formed between Luc Tellier and director Michel Francoeur. They have numerous #1 hits on the radio to their name. Their collaboration was notably recognized with a Felix award won by Francis Degrandpré for the Country Album of the Year at the 2023 ADISQ Gala.

With his unique talent and professional approach, Luc Tellier continues to be a significant player in the music industry, bringing his unparalleled expertise and efficiency to every project he works on.

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Mixing is the process that highlights the best elements of a song. My philosophy as a mixing engineer is to breathe life into your recorded material and create the exact sound you have in mind. The importance of good mixing is crucial. A poor mix can turn an excellent song into an unlistenable cacophony, burying certain key elements.

On the other hand, good mixing is what encourages people to listen to your song over and over again, discovering new details with each play. It also enhances the emotional impact of your recorded performance and your creative vision.


Mastering is the final process in music production. It involves optimizing audio mixes to ensure consistent and professional sound quality. This includes adjusting sound levels, correcting flaws, creating transitions between songs, and adding metadata. The goal is to make the music sound well-balanced and clear on various playback systems, ensuring an optimal listening experience for the audience.

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